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Transcript for 22-10-2017, 9 lines:

04:47:00 adlai: lol they're just making shit up now? and here i was, thinking that clarkmoody died together with emptygox

07:45:19 punkman: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/10/journalist-who-broke-the-panama-papers-scandal-and-exposed-the-john-podesta-russia-connection-assassinated-by-car-bomb-video-3564173.html

07:45:20 assbot: Journalist Who Broke the Panama Papers Scandal and Exposed the John Podesta-Russia Connection, Assassinated by Car Bomb (Video) | Alternative ... ( http://bit.ly/2guamXv )

13:21:31 r0nin-: any tech guys in here?

13:21:49 r0nin-: if im not synced and using -sendrawtransaction all the time

13:21:51 r0nin-: does it matter?

15:10:28 funkenstein_: ronin, sendrawtransaction should still work even if chain not synched

15:11:25 funkenstein_: you can always use something like https://coinb.in/#broadcast too

15:11:26 assbot: Bitcoin Wallet by Coinb.in ... ( http://bit.ly/2yClhsO )