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Transcript for 04-05-2018, 28 lines:

01:50:13 adlai: asciilifeform: as little as the fellow likes me, i actually have no problem with your charges against him. consider hypothetical_ladle that actually carries soup without dripping more than what didn't make it past the cusp, as opposed to whatever the western state dragged outta the bay

01:51:21 asciilifeform: brains generally dun grow back, adlai , and i suspect that his -- is cooked. could , of course, be mistaken.

01:51:32 adlai: or, in other words: intelligent things build homes, and everyone needs some form of phosphatylation precursor

01:51:50 adlai: yeah, takes a tough man to cook a tender chicken, neh?

01:51:59 asciilifeform: how's ochem school treating ya, adlai ?

01:52:24 adlai: cooking brains is both art and science. i'm not yet in ~o~chem school, currently in the "eskimos have seventy two different words for calculus" stage.

01:52:32 asciilifeform: aa

01:52:54 *: adlai does sometimes sit in on ochem / biochem classes, hasn't been kicked out yet, and the lecturers even like the questions!

01:53:11 adlai: but some nonzero percentage of students are probably wishing the lecturer would kick me out already.

04:06:04 adlai: asciilifeform: for your amusement, i'd like to relate the story of what happened last time someone tried to employ me by, essentially, asking: "what do you want to do in my AMAZING company, and how much do you want us to pay you?"

04:06:55 asciilifeform: ...refused?

04:06:59 adlai: and just to make it crystal clear: this guy, as far as i can tell, is a very well-informed headhunter. i have not worked with him on anything other than wasting eachother's time, and also wondering whether i should take the stupid shit he did as insults or just write him off as an idiot.

04:07:25 adlai: (dude essentially cold-called me because i knew a bit of history in a telegram chat for altcoin scammers)

04:07:26 asciilifeform: clever man, if you refused. yrs ago -- i - went. lost shirt.

04:08:04 adlai: now, i have some respect for him; and his cofounders. but i refused to be a cofounder, offered to invest right when they were closing the series A.

04:08:41 adlai: he quite tactfully told me that they don't really want my money, but rather my meat, name, sweat, whatever; but would accept up to $lownumber, since they do want me onboard one way or another.

04:09:13 adlai: well, i decided i'd better keep pulling the salary string and see whether it's even attached to the yarnball.

04:09:40 adlai: tl;dr: it turns out that i'm still capable of putting people in a state of shock, without using either electrodes or fists.

04:10:04 adlai: advice to headhunters: figure out your target's salary expectations before you've wasted ~12 hours of YOUR OWN time

04:10:19 asciilifeform: fughet the shartup crud; dun play with any deck you didnt stack yerself.

04:10:25 *: asciilifeform to bed.

04:10:33 adlai: sleep well!

04:10:51 *: adlai did try to pivot them before they even launched, but the triumvirate seemed pretty set on a first course

04:12:23 adlai: they're launching yet another "digital asset vault". it's probably a sound business model in the coming business cycle, so they're betting on better odds than, say, "web application exploitation derp"

04:13:03 *: adlai failed to get them to sell themselves as an insurance company from day one... apparently they don't trust their own ability to estimate their own vulnerability!

04:14:02 adlai: perhaps the moral of the story is that founders who flew desks, don't mingle that well with founding employees who drove APCs... without a license.

06:31:09 pankkake: https://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/Exclusive-Spectre-NG-Multiple-new-Intel-CPU-flaws-revealed-several-serious-4040648.html

06:31:09 assbot: Exclusive: Spectre-NG - Multiple new Intel CPU flaws revealed, several serious | c't Magazin ... ( http://bit.ly/2jqEm8d )